William Sheahan began designing jewelry by hand in his garage on a homemade work bench in 1984, now with nearly 35 years of experience in design, production, sales and repair of fine custom jewelry. Formerly known as Forward Designs and William Sheahan Designs, My HP Jewelry now has a showroom in the historic Snider Plaza Shopping Area.

William is now the proud owner of Snider Plaza Antiques.  In his space within the Antique store, he is featuring beautiful candles, sauces, and spices.  


Swan Creek Candle Company

Swan Creek Candle Company

Swan Creek Candle Company


This new collection from Swan Creek Candle features assorted classic cut clear glass designs with wooden lids. These 12 oz jars are 5.25"H X 4"W with a 75+ hour burn time.  As with all Swan Creek Candles they are made with all natural American Soy Wax and feature outstanding fragrances. 

Illume Cancles

Swan Creek Candle Company

Swan Creek Candle Company


We live to create.

There aren’t a lot of places for designers to work where they can create something and then see it made into a beautiful finished product ready for shipment. That’s what’s unique about us: we manufacture in Minnesota, in the same building we work.

Because we live to create, we have in-house calligraphers, illustrators, painters, writers, designers, sourcing geniuses, chemists, mixers and wick straighteners. We take big ideas and inspiration, and then complicate them until they’re messy and unwieldy and just how we like them. And then we start refining.

Every day we collaborate, to wrangle our biggest ideas into your favorite new find.

Dr. Petes

Detail your services

Detail your services

Detail your services


The small southern town of Ailey, Georgia is now home to Dr. Pete's Foods.  We are known for our delicious marinades, sauces, dressings, baking mixes, and the famous Praline Mustard Glaze.

Dr. T. A. Peterson, known as Dr. Pete to his patients, was reared in this sleepy south Georgia town. It was here that he enjoyed many meals with family and friends and learned to love entertaining with great food. After becoming a doctor, he was often seen with his worn, black leather doctor's bag in hand entering homes around Savannah, Georgia, to check on a broken bone, to give a shot, or administer a friendly dose of good conversation.

As much as Dr. Pete loved his practice of medicine, he equally loved the art of cooking, and he spent many joyous hours creating and preparing wonderful dishes and sauces for his family and friends. In 1985, his daughter and son-in-law, Jan and Joel Coffee, began bottling some of his recipes, and selling them to the public under the "Dr. Pete's" label. Now you can enjoy the marinades and sauces that Dr. Pete's family and friends have enjoyed for years. Welcome! 


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Detail your services


 Praline Mustard! A successful mingling of brown sugar, mustard, pecans, and spices, this award winning glaze delivers a crowning touch to ham, chicken, or fish. When served over cream cheese or Brie, you will receive rave reviews!   Flavor of Georgia Winner 2008   GLUTEN FREE

The line contains:

24 Baking Mixes

4 Dressings

1 Marinade

2 Sauces

and Multiple Recipes